Environmental Footprint

As a global brand that celebrates the everyday hero, we know that actions speak louder than words. One of our key elements of our social conscience, we aim not only to optimize resources, but to nurture them.

By complying with the highest global standards of ethical production, we responsibly manage the environmental impact of our activities across our value chain. We are particular about the principle of sustainability and adoption of manufacturing best practices within the leather goods industry. Our long association with some of the most respected and selective partners is testimony to this commitment.

Labour Of Love

The finesse in our handcrafted creations is an expression of devotion by our designers, artisans, factory workers and employees. This devotion is only possible when it is appreciated, cherished and nourished.
Therefore at Swaraaj Fashions, we have structured legal company policies and systems that pertain to prohibition of employment of child labour; enhancing occupational health, safety and well-being; working hours; remuneration; diversity and inclusion; work-life integration and training and development.

After all, it’s the human element that is the esprit de corps.