Apparel Designing

The anatomy of a motorcycle jacket is as much art as it is science. Consulting with internationally celebrated moto apparel designers, are our in house team of design specialists.

Each ergonomic prototype is sculpted after rigorous interactions. You get better, bolder enhanced design composites. Get the most from our ODM abilities:

  • Body measurement & sizing
  • Design visualization
  • Material selection
  • Prototype & pattern engineering
  • Sample construction

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Apparel Processing

We cannot stress this enough – Quality is our creed. We deliver moto apparel that is trend setting, yet unflinching in consumer safety and comfort.

Our guild is a force of designers, professional craftsmen, artisans, and merchandise partners. Together, all 86 of us have perfected a mastery over each stage of the moto-apparel design and manufacturing process.

10,000 sq ft of our factory layout is dedicated to deploying a garment assembly solution that is flexible, viable and time sensitive. Leverage our specialist Equipment Manufacturing abilities in:

  • Marking and cutting
  • Washing
  • Material sourcing
  • Fashion line production
  • Accessory fixing
  • Testing & inspection